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When you walk into your home at the end of a long day, you are surrounded by familiar things. But have you ever thought how do your guests feel when they open the doors to your home? There are some advices on the atmosphere which you would like to create at your home.


To create this atmosphere avoid bright, overstimulating paint hues and opt for a calmer palette. Thick curtains give a sense of privacy while fresh flowers and floral accents add a romantic touch.

White is the simplest of colors. It’s fresh and airy and makes you feel like you can breathe freely. Some would say that deep reds and purples are what feels romantic to them, but not I. Deep colors are romantic in a mysterious way; white is romantic in the purest way. I say white is the way to go. If your walls are already white, you can incorporate it in a different way, like whitewashing your wood doors or getting some soft, white decorative pillows for your couch or bed.


If your home is a frequent gathering place for friends and relatives, make sure your style sends a welcoming message. Well-lit common areas encourage conversation, so supplement natural light with warm ambient light from table and floor lamps.

The living room is the place where you entertain your guests and where you entertain yourself as well. Usually, the living room is the first part that people could see which is the reason why it is the most well-decorated area. There are times when this area is turned into a home theatre and sometimes, it is a study area. Most of the time, family and friends are gathered in the living room. Bonding time would indeed be great especially if you are sitting and lounging in a well-designed area.


Focus on functional design when catering to a household’s busy lifestyle. Abundant, natural light is ideal for the kitchen and home office, where the natural rays can help you feel more awake and energized. Be sure to incorporate lots of task lighting under cabinets or on desktops for the night hours so you can continue to work once the sun sets.


Finding a balance between sophisticated style and function is essential when you’re aiming to set a more refined tone. Dramatic fixtures like sconces and chandeliers add light profiles unmatched by conventional lamps, and spotlighting helps draw attention to wall art and other decorative accents.

Creating a stylish ambience in your home requires both a discerning eye and a natural instinct for balance. And, a major part of it comes down to how the space is lit. By having lighting that blends in perfectly with furnishings, the mood of a space can be transformed with the snap of a finger. Sophisticated lighting does a great deal beyond providing luminescence — it becomes the focal point that drives the narrative of a home. 

Following our advices you can choose the best style for your home. Create atmosphere that reflects you personally and sets the right mood.