Becoming a 3D visualizer means working with an array of different people in the home services field, including staging professionals who help make your listings look lavish and lovely for open houses and private showings. We have taken advantage of our relationships with these design-savvy pros by picking their brains to learn the top interior and exterior decorating trends and best practices .

So today we will speak about dining room design and decor.

Dining room is much more than just eating. It should be about the ambiance people feel when they dine in your home. A space where family and friends make time to share their lives. A place where a little drama may erupt in conversation or a place where a little drama can be felt within the décor.


Your table is the anchor of the room and the surrounding chairs are just as important. If you’re looking to go smaller or for great conversation and social gatherings, a round table is a great option. If you’re looking to go larger, a rectangular is popular choice.



Plan for beautiful lighting in your dining room. It can create the exact mood in which you choose to feel in the space.