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The Inside Story - What visual artists REALLY Do.

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We found a deep interest in our visualization process and are happy to share it with you.

I recently met with an intelligent reporter who focuses on architecture and design. We had a good conversation that eventually came around to the subject of architectural visualization.

Turns out that this well-meaning reporter had almost no idea what visual artists actually do.  He knew about photorealistic pictures, Photoshop, which is great, but little else.

As visual artists, we live and breathe our work, so it is always a surprise to us when people know so little about the process of our daily work.

Here is a glimpse into a ‘day in the life’! 

1. The first stop for any project is a review of the architect’s Floor Plan.

TIP: The sooner we are involved in the floor plan the better.  It is a lot cheaper for the client to change things on paper and make sure they are built right, then to change things in the field where every alteration costs money and time. Cha-Ching!

2. Lighting and Electrical.  We receive the lighting plan from the architect and make sure it works for what the client told us and how the house flows.  Again is easier to work out problems on the rendering then with the electrician standing there, waiting for decisions, charging by the hour. Lately, there is often an additional expert, the lighting consultant, on the project. 

3. Reflected Ceiling Plan (RCP).

The RCP is the project’s ceiling details, beams, coffers and other interesting details. Usually the architect gives us the RCP with very little on it. But this is very important as again our renderings will save you a lot time and funds on the changes which you would like to make.

4. Wall Elevations and Details.

5.Wall textures and base paints.

6. Then comes the ‘Specifications’. 

Such as, the exact plumbing fixtures in the project including toilets, showers, faucets etc.; the exact flooring materials and detailed patterns for them all drawn out so the installers can follow the renderings. 

7. Then we model furniture.  

THAT is what all the fuss is about.  That is why only a talented visualization company with dedicated resources and a talented team of professionals aimed at completing all these important steps  should touch your project!

And that, is what we do all day!

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