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Virtual Reality (Part II)

We continue telling about Virtual Reality, which is transforming from virtual to reality. VR is very popular among game and media industries. Sunrise 3D  offers this service for the real estate, engineering and design markets.

“Our clients need this service”, says Natalia Khavryliak, CEO and founder of Sunrise 3D. A commercial real estate developer can use VR to show prospective tenants around a high-rise office space before construction has even started.

VR application is available via web browser. Simply clicking on a link enables clients to get immediate 360-degree experience on their smartphones, tablets or PC’s. The beauty of this technology is that it's easy to access. We just email a link directly to clients, so they can access files easily.

Research estimates that 52 million units of VR head-mounted displays will be in the hands of U.S. businesses and consumers by 2020, making VR increasingly a part of everyday life.